Using EwalletXpress And EwalletXpress Casinos

If you’re like me, you have troubles making deposits using credit cards at online casinos. When I had this problem, I turned to ewallets and there is none more popular for Americans than EwalletXpress. I must say, if you have any troubles, EwalletXpress can be the beacon in the darkness.

Registration is pretty simple, all in all. It takes a little bit of time, but not long. Just give them all the stuff the want, and you’re in. When you’re in, it’s time to fund.

You can set the next part up a multitude of ways. The easiest is to just pop some funds into your eWalletXpress account with the trusty credit card. Pay the bill later and play now. Basically with this, you can still deposit into casinos using credit cards, however eWalletXpress acts as an intermediary. The next way is to set it up with your bank account. Make transfers straight from a checking or saving account into your eWalletXpress account. You’re going to have to fill out some forms, but it’s easy overall. Once it’s set you’re in. Now, the last way, 900Pay. Basically fund your account with your phone bill. Get the 900Pay portion set up and transfer up to $150 into your account every month.

Those are the options and they all work flawlessly. Ok, now that is set, find the eWalletXpress Casino that best fits your needs.  For this, I chose Cherry Red Casino. They have some of the best online casino bonuses, and they’re waiting to be collected. I like Slots, you make like something else, so choose the best bonus. I went with the $2,400 slots bonus/400% match. It really gave me a boat load extra to gamble with. Use the bonus code CHERRYREELS before depositing and you can get it to. Anyways, once my account was loaded, it was a breeze. Everything couldn’t have went any smoother.

As for my deposit, I just went right in, deposited $300, got $1,500 total, and went down my happy way. I must have gambled for months on that original deposit, even though I did take a few payouts from it. Win/Win all around!

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