Commonly Asked Questions About Defunct Deposit Methods

Due to the nature of the laws related to the online gambling industry, it is not entirely uncommon to see a deposit method seized by the government due to accusations of money laundering. This has brought some of our readers to question what will happen when their deposit method is seized, as there is now some fear and uncertainty over whether or not it is safe to gamble online with certain deposit methods – specifically e-wallets.

It has happened to some minor deposit methods, such as Gold-Pay, but the government has also taken down some of the largest deposit methods on the market – eWalletXpress, UseMyWallet, FirePay and others. When this happens, most players simply do not know what to do. We have fielded a few questions, and we now have answers for them.

1) If my e-wallet is seized, what happens to my money?

Generally speaking, all accounts will be frozen when money is seized by the government.

2) Will I be able to get my money back from the e-wallet if authorities have frozen the account?

Yes. The government will work with the e-wallet in order to slowly release the funds that have been seized.

3) How long can I expect to wait in order to get my money back out of my account?

This process can be a long one. You may have to wait days, weeks, or even months to get your money back depending on how quickly the accounts are released from the grips of the authorities.

4) How will I have to get my money out of my account after it has been seized?

You will have to wait for them to cut you a check, though they may also wire it directly back into your account.

5) Is there a way to hasten how quickly I can get my money out of my e-wallet?

Generally speaking, no. It is up to authorities to determine when the money will be released.

6) How can I prevent having my money frozen in my account?

If you do not keep any money in your account, it cannot be frozen.

In the end, it is unlikely that you will have to worry about this, as online gambling deposit methods are always working to remain safe from government seizure. You should be well on your way to cashing in your winnings without having to worry about the hassle of your account being locked, frozen, or otherwise stripped from you by the government. This is not a difficult deposit method to use, so you should not have much trouble getting started regardless of how you choose to deposit.

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