Differences Between Quicktender and UseMyWallet

UseMyWallet is a very enigmatic deposit method, and it garners a long list of questions every month. We have tried to answer as many of these questions on our page about UseMyWallet casinos, but the questions continue to roll in.

One question we hear a lot is over the differences and similarities between UseMyWallet and Quicktender. These two services are just equally mysterious, and this is for good reason.

UseMyWallet and Quicktender are one in the same. These two payment solutions are differently named but equally useful.

Despite being the same service, there is one difference between UseMyWallet and Quicktender. UseMyWallet is the North American version, while Quicktender Casinos can be used by those outside of the United States.

Both services still require invitations in order to be joined. While this is somewhat inconvenient to the casual player, they can easily be joined by joining the right casino. WinPalace, for instance, will be glad to swing you an invite.

All other questions about these two deposit options can be found on their respective pages, so feel free to look into them if you need to know more.

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